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Store Hours

Mon-Thur  9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sun 12:00 am - 4:00 pm

Telephone: 616-896-9334

Rental Office Hours

(Paddles, Peddles & Carts)
Mon-Thur   9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday    9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday    11:00  am - 4:00 pm

Telephone: 616-896-9888

Contact Information

Manager: Jack Schmidt
Fax: (616) 896-7409

The Sandy Pines Park & Garden store has you covered for all of your landscaping needs with mulch, stone, landscaping stone, flowers and plants. We continue to add items that are requested by the members and for the needs of the park.

Golf carts, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and row boats are available for rent online or by stopping by the store or email. Remember that we continue to run out of carts for the holiday weekends and garage sale days, so plan ahead for your cart rental.

Water softeners are available to provide you will soft water for the season. Get rid of the rust stains and have great suds for washing dishing and showers.

If you do not find an item in the Park and Garden please let us know and we will try and get the item to be available in the store.

Services Provided

Golf Cart & Boat Rentals (616-896-9888)

If you're camping or have guests visiting, there's no better way to tour the park than in a 4 or 6 person golf cart. There's no way better way to tour the pristine waters of Lake Monterey than in a kayak, stand up paddle board or row boat. We also have youth sized kayaks & stand up paddle boards.   Learn More.......

Click Here to access our online rental system

Bike Rentals

Explore Sandy Pines from a bike!  There are a total of 10 bikes available for rental at the Park and Garden location in the park.  Learn how you can enjoy the Bike Share below!   This program is designed to take a ride around the park to enjoy all that there is to see and do.  It is not a rental as a golf cart.  You are charged for every hour you are in possession of the bike. Learn More...

Water Softeners

Water softeners are available for delivery and installation or pick up when the water is turned on in the park for the beginning of the season. Rates are listed on the program application. Please complete the program application and email it, mail or drop off at Member Service.    Learn More.....

Water Softener Program Application

Gas Marina

The Sandy Pines Gas Marina is open on weekends, holidays and occasional Wednesdays depending on the weather throughout the summer season. Hours are always subject to change so please contact the Park & Garden store to confirm hours of operation. The only way to purchase gas is by charging it to your Sandy Pines member account.

The marina is run by our Park & Garden Staff. Kayak, Stand Up Paddle Board and rowboat rentals will be available on weekends and holidays directly at the marina, otherwise they're always available at the Park & Garden Store.    Learn More........

Bulk Yard

Many items can be purchased from the bulk yard.  Items are available for member pickup and for delivery.  Learn More.....


Durning May and early June the store will have perennials and flowers available for purchase.  Stop by the Park and Garden to see our selection each spring.   Learn More.....


The Park and Garden provides propane service to fill 20 lb and 30 lb propane tanks during our open hours.  We can fill larger tanks and RV's by the pound with special appointments.  No Propane filling is done on Sunday.   Learn More.....

Boat IN and OUT service

The Park and Garden can provide the service to put your pontoon in the lake or take it out at the end of the season.  Learn More......

Hardware, Electrical Items, RV Supplies

Park and Garden provides many items that you will need to make repairs, landscape items, plumbing supplies, holding tank chemicals, pest sprays, and many speciality items.  Learn More.....

Bottled Water and Water Coolers

Park and Garden provides 3 gal and 5 gallon bottled water.  Water coolers (new and used) are also available.

Park & Garden News

Sit On Kayaks Added

July 14, 2017

The rental fleet of watercraft is made up of 8 Adult Paddle Boards, 4 Youth Paddle Boards, 4 Youth Sit On Kayaks, 4 Sit In Adult Kayaks, 4 Sit On Adult Kayaks, 1 Double Adult Kayak and 2 Rowboats. They can be rented through the Park and Garden Rental Office (616-896-9888), on line, and at…

New Double Passenger Kayak Now Available

July 14, 2017

We now have 1 Double Kayak available for rent at the Gas Marina and Boat Rental Beach.   The Kayak can be rented on Wednesday and Friday from 5 to 8 pm at the Marina and Noon to 5 pm on Saturday and Sundays.  All other times you would need to make a reservation through…

Family Day Bicycle Special

July 14, 2017

This weekend the Park and Garden Rental Office is offering a special on Bicycle rentals.   2 for 1.   Rent a bike for 1 hour and get the 2nd hour for free.   Rent 1 bike for an hour and get the second bike free for the same hour. Prices on the bikes are $4.00 for 1…

Bike Rental

June 5, 2017

Due to problems with the financial portion of the Bicycle Rental App we are now taking reservations and rentals through the Park and Garden Rental Office. Bikes can be rented for the following times: Rent for 1 hour from 9 am to 4 pm every day.  $4.00 per hour Rent for a 3 hour period…

Park and Garden Rental Office

June 5, 2017

As many of you may know Pat’s Little Wheels is not longer in business.  The Park and Garden Rental office is located in the building where Pat’s was located.  Dale Yoder (who worked for Pat’s Little Wheels) is managing the rental office. We still have several services available through the rental office.  The following can…

Gas Marina

May 22, 2017

The Gas Marina will be open Memorial Day Weekend on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from Noon to 5  pm each day.  Ethenol free fuel is available. If you want to try out a Kayak, Paddleboard or use a rowboat this weekend stop by the marina during the open hours or you can make a reservation…


May 22, 2017

Our initial supply of plants has arrived and will be available this weekend as the Park and Garden opens for the season.   Stop by to get flowers to beautify your site.

June 1st Boat Registration Deadline Reminder

May 20, 2017

Boat Registration Deadline

Member Service Summer Hours

May 1, 2017

Every year in conjunction with the first Flea Market of the season, we adjust to our summer hours. This summer we’ll be opening 30 minutes earlier at 8:00 am instead of 8:30 am. Moving forward we’ll remain open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm not just in the summer but also in the off season. Our…

Face To Phase Meetings

April 28, 2017

Face To Phase Meeting

SP Annual Election
August 19, 2017

SP Annual Meeting
August 19, 2017

Sign Making Class
August 19, 2017

Labor Day Fireworks
September 2, 2017