Services provided

  • Trailer winterizing
  • Holding tank pump out service

Holding Tank Tips

Water shut-off / turn-on

Water will be turned on annually on the Monday nearest April 15th and turned off annually on the Monday nearest October 15th depending on how the calendar falls and weather conditions. If freezing temperatures are present, water turn on and shut dates will be adjusted for safety.

Mark your water supply hose at the riser with your site number so you know to reconnect the correct hose each spring. A permanent marker or paint pen works best. Having your site number on your water supply hose and faucet also helps our maintenance staff should they need to replace or repair your water riser. There have been times when a neighbor has mistakenly turned the wrong water faucet on or off.

Tree removal

Tree removal on your site or in the green area must be approved by the Park Inspector. Please contact the inspector at 616.896.7286 for a permit.


Compactors are not for large items or leaves. Use the Phase 7 compactor only for large items and the leaf dump for leaves and tree branches, both are located across from the Public Safety Office. Please help keep the area around the compactors free of trash and other items.

Leaves and brush

A leaf/brush dump is located across the street from the Public Safety Office. Members may take loose or paper bagged leaves and brush only to this area. NO PLASTIC. Leaves and brush may not be put in or around the dumpsters. Maintenance will pick up leaves along the road in PAPER bags only. Brush must be stacked neatly with the ends toward the road.



Monday - Friday
7:30 am to 4:00 pm

8:00 am to 3:00 pm


Telephone : 616-896-8317



Blue Green Algae 02

Lake Treatment Thurs 8/8

PLM & Lake Management Corp will be treating Lake Monterey on Thursday, August 8 between 8:00 am-5:oo pm. The treatment was originally scheduled for July 29 but was rescheduled due to prior treatments that were cancelled do to excessive heat. Please note there are no swimming restrictions with this treatment. Additional Lake Treatment details along…

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Tuesday 7/23 Lake Treatment

PLM Lake Management was scheduled to treat two areas of Lake Monterey last week but due to the excessive heat only treated Sailboat Cove which was in greater need of attention. As a result, the second treatment is scheduled for Tuesday 7/23 near the Phase 2 docks. There are no swimming restrictions with this treatment. Please…

Vintage Outhouse

Garage Sale Emergency Pump Outs

Due to safety concerns, our Maintenance Team will not be able to provide Emergency Pump Outs this Saturday, July 6th for Phases 1, 2, & 4 during their Garage Sales. As the Garage Sales have grown in popularity, it has become more difficult navigating trucks through busy traffic and dragging hoses around activities for secure…


Maintenance News

Summer is finally here! We ask that you do not place items around the compactors, put all of your items inside of them. We have had many instances where members put their items outside of the containers with the hope that someone else may be able to use it. We understand recycling…but this is not…

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Lake Treatment Alert

Lake Monterey is scheduled for spot weed and algae treatments tomorrow, Wednesday 6/12/19. We do not know what areas of the lake will be treated before PLM & Lake Management Corp. completes their onsite assessment. On the scheduled treatment date, PLM works their way around the lake and treats areas needing attention. As they treat,…

Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae

March Maintenance Update

Flea Market Picnic Shelter The new Flea Market Picnic Shelter is complete and it’s awaiting spring, pancakes and Flea Market Patrons! The new shelter has indoor storage for use with many of our signature events and a built in ceiling to keep the wildlife from gathering over head. This shelter is available to rent for…

Flea Market Picnic Shelter

New Flea Market Picnic Shelter

If you visited the park recently, you may have noticed the preparations for building a new picnic shelter in the Flea Market Area. The project was part of the Board Approved Maintenance Updates listed on page 12 of the 2017/2018 SPWT Budget. The new shelter will be just slightly larger than the current shelter and…

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Winterization Confirmations

The Sandy Pines Maintenance Team has completed all 2018 winterizations.  Upon successful completion of your winterization, the Maintenance Team signs and dates a blue confirmation form and puts it on the counter in your trailer. This form includes instructions for reconnecting your water line and turning water back on in the spring. In addition to…

WASH Pay Range App

Credit card swipers are being replaced at park laundry facilities this spring. WASH Laundry Systems has experienced improved use of machines with the pay-by-phone app. All you have to do is down load the app, assign a credit card to use with the app and swipe the machine number on your phone to pay. Posters…

Pancake Breakfast
August 31, 2019

Labor Day Flea Market
August 31, 2019

Labor Day Fireworks
Aug 31, 2019

Fall Festival & Market
October 5, 2019