Outdoor Security Cameras

Internet via your installed modem is a seasonal provision.  Internet is $192.00 for the season, billed in two $96 installments, April and July.  Member modems are supported April 15th through October 15th.  We’ve had a few calls from Members, especially those with outdoor security cameras, reporting that their cameras are not working, thus their internet is down.  The only recourse we can offer in the off season is to call Spectrum Support and have them try to reset the modem which is identified by the CMAC we have on file for your site.  If the modem is offline and cannot be reset, we will put you on the trouble call list for spring.  Technicians cannot visit sites in the off season, so please do not attempt to schedule an appointment.  Members should always try to bypass their router by plugging the Ethernet cable from their modem directly into a laptop or other device with an Ethernet port.  This rules out problems with the router, which is not Spectrum equipment.  Thank you for understanding; please call Member Service if you have further questions.

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