Maintenance News

Summer is finally here! We ask that you do not place items around the compactors, put all of your items inside of them. We have had many instances where members put their items outside of the containers with the hope that someone else may be able to use it. We understand recycling…but this is not the way to do it.

Thousands of dollars are spent each year in man hours used to clean up messes that didn’t need to be there. One thing that requires a lot of time is the sorting of garbage from the leaf piles. Please, put ONLY leaves in the leaf pile, as we compost those for more inexpensive disposal.

It’s a good idea for you to be proactive with necessary repairs on your site, too. Think about having a professional service your air conditioning units. All of these units have filters and coils that need to be kept clean, in order to run more efficiently.

With the wet spring weather, we get a lot of calls about your GFI tripping. This is mainly because of bad seals and covers on outside boxes. They get wet, which then causes the GFI to trip. Please take the time to inspect and replace, if needed.

During the summer months, you may notice your water smelling like rotten eggs. This is usually caused by the magnesium rod in your hot water heater. The best way to flush the water out is to simply open the pop-off relief valve on your water heater. Cold, fresh water will then flow into the bottom of your tank and force all of the smelly water out of the top. This is a good practice… not only to flush the tank, but it also checks to ensure the relief valve is working properly. If the relief valve drips after you’ve opened it, the valve needs to be replaced. We have several contractors on our list who are able to perform this task for you, is required.

Thanks to each of you for your help throughout the season. Enjoy Sandy Pines during the month of July!

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