Letter From the Chairman of the Board

Letter from the Chairman of the Board by Don Van Doeselaar

The month of July generally marks the mid-point of our summer. It may seem as though we can’t be there yet, because of the cool spring, and all the rain. Nevertheless, here we are. The high point of the month is the 4th of July. Hope you had an enjoyable celebration with family and friends. Even though there seems to be a lot of controversy in the political news we still can say that we live in the greatest country. We have much to be thankful for in our land. The freedoms we enjoy are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

At the last Board of Directors meeting, held on June 21, 2019, our financial report showed that Sandy Pines is probably at its strongest financial position in our history. The Balance Sheet shows our cash reserves to be at a high point. First of all, this is a result of a highly efficient management team. Plus, we have major projects in the future that need to be funded. such as the construction of another outdoor pool, a safe crossing from phase 3 to phase 6, funds to match the FEMA grant for the new Northshore Center, and the possibility of another indoor pool.  There may also be suggestion from the membership that are not yet thought of. Therefore, building a strong cash reserve is good long-range planning.

The Board also welcomed 35 new members which is made up of 38% retirees and 62% still employed in their careers. The Board also adopted changes to the rules concerning shed height and placement on the lot. The phrase “No seawall construction will be permitted in Phase Six” was removed from the rules governing Seawall Construction. There was no historical information found in the records to substantiate why this was part of the rules. Hence the reason for removing the language, in light of the fact seawalls can be installed in other phases around the lake.

The Board adopted the Ballot language for the membership election on August 17, 2019. The ballot will contain the candidates running for three Board positions open this year and a two-word change to the By-Laws in Article II, Section 7, Death of a Member. The two-word change is “trust instrument” which clarifies the transfer rights following the death of a member.

We want to express our appreciation to those running for the Board. It’s an important task, so please take the time to read the resumes of those willing to give of their time and talents.

There is a lot of important information in the Footprints, as well as on the website, for you be well informed. Board members always welcome your questions and input.

Enjoy this beautiful place.

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