July 2018 Lake Monterey Golf Course News

This spring has been a strange one, with the lake flowing over the overflow, which is making the water flow though the creek much faster. The higher water flow has caused a lot more sand to move downstream, which changes the creek banks almost weekly. Our inlet to our irrigation pond was 26 feet wide, and with one big storm it became 8 foot wide, and 30 yards of sand covered our intake pipe to the pond. The pump house by the creek on the back nine has become a five hour job once a week, moving sand away from the intake.

The course was looking real good right before Memorial Day. The Thursday before the holiday the main pump broke an impeller which only gave about 30 percent of the water we need for the golf course. Along with all the cart traffic and the 90+ degree weather, the course took a hit, and a lot of turf turned brown and thinned out. We managed to keep most of the turf alive and monitored the roots to make sure they were still alive. The pump got put in on June 14th. We will be fertilizing the fairways two weeks sooner due to the damage and thinning fairways to bring them back quicker.

Karaoke: 7 PM, food at 5:30 PM – July 21 and August 4

Wine Tasting: 2 PM and another at 3:30 PM – July 14 and August 25 – pre-register online

Junior Golf League Program: 8:30 AM – July 11, July 18, July 25 and August 1

Father/Child Outing: 4 PM – June 24 – back nine

Mother/Child Outing: 4 PM – July 15 – back nine

Couples Invitational: 8:30 AM till 2 PM – August 18 – $35/SP Members and $40/Public Players.

We look forward to having a fun filled season and seeing everyone at the course soon.

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