Help Reclaim Our Instagram Account

With our new Sandy Pines Wall Calendars in place, we’ll be holding monthly photo contests to seek out the best park photos for each month of the calendar. We’d like to start integrating Instagram into our photo contests since it’s a very popular photo based social media platform.

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app which can also be linked to Facebook. At the moment there are numerous Instagram accounts created under some variation of the Sandy Pines name. We’ve temporarily created sandypinesofficial but would like to reclaim and take control of the sandypines account. Our attempt to message the account creator failed and all attempts to contact Instagram have resulted in automated responses with no possible solution. It looks like a past employee or volunteer created the account in 2013 for park use, posted a few photos and then never used it again.  If you have any idea of who may have created it, or know how to reach a human being through Instagram, please email so we can attempt to reclaim control of the account. If you or someone else you know created the other variations please also let us know as we’d like to clean up the dormant accounts to help avoid confusion on future use.

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