Email Spam Filters

Those with @att and @sbcglobal email addresses (same company) have recently not been receiving all Sandy Pines emails.  We sometimes receive notifications that our emails were rejected by the server.  We can only assume this has something to do with changes to their firewall.  Those with these two email addresses as well as some @yahoo addresses have either not received Sandy Pines emails at all, or they have found them in their spam or junk folders.

If you do find Sandy Pines emails in your spam or junk folders, the following steps will train your email server to accept emails from us:

  • Drag the email to your Inbox
  • Right click on the email and select the option that says Not Spam or Add To Safe Senders List
  • Add the email address to your contacts

We have been working with our IT Technicians to do what we can from Sandy Pines side of things.  Whenever you think you’ve missed your statement or other Sandy Pines emails, including those from RAVE, please call Member Service.

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