December Security Services Update

In October of 2018, Security Services investigated to a total of 44 complaints. The type of complaints and number of each appears below.

Parking Complaint: 6
Submerged Boat: 1
Fire Investigation: 3
Property Damage Accident: 2
Suspicious Incidents: 8
General Assist Call: 15
Weapons: 1
Misc. Rule Violation: 3
Trespass: 1
Vehicle Fire: 1
Animal Complaint: 1
Illegal Entry: 1

Property Checks

Security Services staff are now conducting property checks on Member sites. The staff checks to make sure the premise is secure and reports any issues found back to the member. Members will receive a notification by email advising the date their site was checked, and if anything was found amiss. There were 224 property checks completed in the month of October.

New Camera System

The new Axis camera system is now operational, and staff has received training on this system. The system greatly enhances the ability of the staff to provide security services to members.

New employee

Security Services welcomed Nicholas Flamboe to the full time staff in October. Nick has a strong background in asset protection, marine patrol and data systems. Nick is also a trained firefighter and Medical First Responder. Please take the opportunity to meet Nick if you are able.

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