December Member Service Update



Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Mail Room Hours 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed


Closed Monday 12/24 through Tuesday 1/1

The Administration Building and Member Service Office will be closed Monday, December 24th through Tuesday, January 1st for the Christmas & New Year’s Holidays. Public Safety Services at the Main Gate will be open 24 hours/day over the holidays and they can take account payments.


1/2 Quarterly electric & state tax billed
1/15 Annual Renewal Notices sent for review (this is not a bill)
1/25 Quarterly electric & state tax due, plus payment if using the payment plan
3/15 Deadline for Renewal information updates
4/1 Annual Renewals, quarterly electric & state tax billed
4/25 Annual Renewals, quarterly electric & state tax due
4/15 Gates open and water is turned on for the season (weather permitting)


5/4 May Fest
5/25 Memorial Day Market & Pancake Breakfast
6/8 June Fest
6/29 Independence Day Market & Pancake Breakfast
8/10 Christmas in August Market
8/31 Labor Day Market & Pancake Breakfast
10/5 Fall Fest Garage Sale & Market

Flea Market spot reservations are available by logging into your Member Web Access Portal.


Convenience Centers that will remain open through the winter include:
• Phase 1: CC 2 near the Ball Field & Pavilion in the Core Area
• Phase 3: CC 6
• Phase 4: CC 8 near the dam (until snow starts)
• Phase 4: CC 10 near the Soccer Field after repairs are complete
• Phase 5/6: The Recreation Building
• Phase 5: CC 11


If you are making monthly payments, your account balance as of December 25th should be at or below $949.73 to be on track with the payment plan. You can check your balance by logging into Member Web Access Portal Online Billing tab, or by calling Member Service. Your January quarterlies are due in excess of your dues/assessments payment.


Quarterly Electric and State Tax are billed in January, April, July and October. Electric meters are read once per year in August. Your bill is based on total kilowatt hours used. You pay for your adjusted final electric use in October, then your total use is divided by four and you pay those quarterly amounts in January, April and July. This is why you get an electric bill in January even though you may not be in the park during that time. You can view and print your annual electric use by logging into your Member Web Access Portal. State Tax is billed at $9.50 per quarter, per site.


We’ll be sending renewal notices after the first of the year. If you have an email address on file, your notice will be sent electronically, otherwise your notice will be sent by mail. If you have not received your renewal notice by February 1st, please call Member Service. Please note: Your renewal notice is not a bill. You have until March 15th to update, add or remove renewal services before being billed on your April 1st statement. Renewals include membership cards, annual stickers, internet service if applicable, pump-out plans, boat docks, boat in & out service, bullpen storage and mailboxes. The notices will include instructions. Please review your renewals carefully and make sure the information is accurate. If you don’t need any changes, you do not have to return your renewal form. Send the form back only if you make changes and we’ll confirm your updates. Credit will not be issued for membership cards not removed from the account by March 31st.


If for any reason you don’t receive, or if you lose track of your renewal information, you can access it 24 hours a day by logging into your Member Web Access Portal. There, you have the ability to: review your annual renewal information (stickers, services & member cards), schedule guest passes, schedule pump outs, review pump out schedules, check electric meter readings, reserve Flea Market spots, update addresses and contact info, view statements, make payments, complete staff surveys and schedule Tee Times. To view your renewal information, login, then select the “Renewal Information” tab. Most questions and issues handled by calling Member Service can be found in your Member Web Access Portal. We’re always here to help, but want to make sure you know you have the ability to handle many issues from the comfort of your own home. Login to Member Web Access by clicking the Quick Link at

Member Web Access Renewal Sample

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