December Maintenance Update


Enjoy this very special time of year with your loved ones. The Holidays come and go so quickly it’s hard to visit with everyone you want to!

A quick reminder to have your roof shoveled after any heavy snows that we are inclined to receive during the winter months.

The Maintenance Team will be staying busy making improvements to your park. We will be working on Camp Site renovations in Phase 3; Playground improvements in Phase 1; a new roof on CC #12 in Phase 5; new risers in Phase 4; Tennis Courts in Phase 2 and a new Picnic Shelter in the Flea Market area. We hope you enjoy these improvements upon your return. The roof at CC #12 was long overdue for replacement. This will be a big improvement for heat in the winter months and it also much more appealing to look at. If we are able to stay on schedule, it will be completed in April, 2019.

The Phase 2 Tennis Courts are scheduled to be installed in the spring. This will be completed in two steps. Step One will be to install an asphalt court with a net and white lines for tennis and pickleball. Step Two will take place the following year when we put the colored surface on to match the rest of the courts. By making this a two-step process, it allows the oils from the asphalt to come out, which in turn, allows the colored surface to last much longer. This was a recommendation made to me by the contractor.

We're putting the finishing touches on our dam valve replacement project. We had to lower the lake 6 inches to have access to remove and replace the valves that control the release of water from the dam. There are two valves, one upper which is 12 inches wide and one lower which is 30 inches wide. Attached is a photo of the old 12 inch gate valve. The guide rails have holes rotted through the metal. Lake levels will replenish themselves over the winter with snowfall and rain in the spring.

Wishing you all a Safe and Healthy winter!

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