August 2018 Lake Monterey Golf Course Update

With the loss of the well for about four weeks back in May and June, the fairways and tees thinned out from lack of moisture, which also weakens the health of the plant. That, followed by 15 days of ninety degree weather with no rain, the turf was extremely stressed. Consequently, the normal thickening or recovery of the turf did not happen. We also got Pythium, which is a disease of many plants. We treated our greens for all disease, however, our tees on the front nine got hit with Pythium pretty good overnight. People have asked if the stress of the tees is due to the different turf type. The answer would be, not really, both the greens and tees have both bent and poa annua turf type. The only big difference is more poa on the tees than the greens.

The staff aerated the front nine tees with quarter inch holes to make a better seed bed for the seed we put down. That was done on July 17, the first non-ninety degree day and going forward in the immediate forecast. The long range forecast is for cooler temps, so now is the time to get more aggressive with over seeding and bring the turf back.

Back in the spring we put down crabgrass and grub control which both need to be watered in. With the well down we had to rely on Mother Nature which happened to be four days later, so we do have crabgrass that has broken though the chemical and we will have to wait to see this fall with grubs.

• Karaoke – starts at 7:00 PM, food at 5:30 PM
o August 4
• Wine Tasting – starts at 2:00 PM
and another at 3:30 PM
o August 25
• Couples Invitational
o August 18
o 8:30 AM till 2:00 PM
o $35 Sandy Pines members
o $40 for public players.

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