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Park Calendar Survey

desk calendar

Over the summer we received a lot of feedback from members, campers and guests who said they’d love to have a Sandy Pines Calendar with park photos, holidays, and featured events such as Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Fireworks, Christmas in August, etc. We’d like your input before pursuing this project to get an idea of…

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CC 4 & Pavilion Bathrooms Closed

CC 8

We are closing CC 4 and the bathrooms in the Pavilion/Core Area today. They will be closed for the season. CC 8 will remain open until we get the water back on at CC 10. Convenience Centers that will remain open the rest of the winter include the following:               …

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Holiday Member Sign Orders

Member Sign with Christmas Bow

Looking for gift giving ideas for the person in your life who already has everything? If they are a Sandy Pines Member, why not get them a Member Sign? The signs were born as a non-profit initiative of the Member Outreach Committee in 2013 to promote a sense of community and stimulate conversation among members.…

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New Flea Market Picnic Shelter

Flea Market Picnic Shelter

If you visited the park recently, you may have noticed the preparations for building a new picnic shelter in the Flea Market Area. The project was part of the Board Approved Maintenance Updates listed on page 12 of the 2017/2018 SPWT Budget. The new shelter will be just slightly larger than the current shelter and…

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Winterization Confirmations

Frozen Faucet

The Sandy Pines Maintenance Team has completed all 2018 winterizations.  Upon successful completion of your winterization, the Maintenance Team signs and dates a blue confirmation form and puts it on the counter in your trailer. This form includes instructions for reconnecting your water line and turning water back on in the spring. In addition to…

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